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AOL (Free)
AOL Shield Browser is a Chromium-primarily based browser that protects against some of thetricks that on-line hackers will use to thieve your information.

Using the browser
When using this programme, you’ll notice that it’s incredibly much like Google Chrome. Anyone familiar with the convenience of use of Chrome can assume the identical with AOL. Also, this utility is compatible with maximum extensions making it cleanto replace to the use of.

Security at its finest
Anti-keylogging is the first security protection offered. This characteristic encrypts all of thephrases you type, defensive you from hackers stealing your information. Screengrab protectioncontinues hackers from remotely looking your browser and stealing screenshots. Finally, any scam web sites will be avoided from loading barring any capability risks.

The installation technique was in realityprettyclean for AOL Shield. It’s no longer going to place a stress on maximum devices, which makes it a high-qualitychoice tolook into. The handiest thing to observe out for is that it attempts to make itself the default internet explorer. If you need to try it out, be aware of this when installing it.

Deal or no deal
This is truly a browser you should don’t forgetthe use of. If you want Chrome but would like some extraintegrated security, this is the properhealthy for you.

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